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If you have recently moved to the UAE or are seeking employment or a job change in the UAE, you may be requested by your employer to provide an “attested” copy of your degree certificate. This is a normal part of the process whereby your company will apply for your residency visa in the UAE. Expat Docs is a UAE based company that you can rely on to assist you with receiving your degree in the UAE and facilitating all the required steps involved in having your degree attested. Below is some further information on the process in general. For further information on the degree attestation process specific to your home country please click here.


Attestation is defined as the act of authenticating a document by observing its execution at the request of the party signing the document, and then signing it as a witness.

Sometimes attestation is referred to as legalisation. Embassy legalisation is the method of attestation required for the purposes of the UAE Ministry of Labour’s requirements for attaining an employment visa. The specific process involved varies based on the origin of the document and generally involves embassies, consular or diplomatic representatives, and foreign ministries. Expat Docs is here to help you with this process.

An apostille is a specific type of certificate to verify the authenticity of a document, and is relevant in the countries where the government has signed the 1961 international treaty named the “Hague Convention”. Please note that the UAE is not a signatory of the Hague Convention and therefore an apostille is neither required nor relevant in the UAE.

Most of Expat Docs’ clients require degree attestation for the purposes of attaining an employment visa and/or Labour Card in the UAE. Your potential employer in the UAE can guide you as to the process that applies to you situation and that is specific to your field of work, position and designation. Only then can you have a comprehensive understanding of the documentation requirements. These requirements can vary based on your company’s registration within the UAE (Free Zone or Non-Free Zone), as well as between different Emirates (i.e. Abu Dhabi vs. Dubai). We advise that you should confirm the documentation requirements with the Public Relations Officer (PRO) working with your potential employer to be certain.

Degree attestation can also be required for:

  • applications to educational institutions both in the UAE and abroad
  • meeting prerequisites for writing examinations in the UAE (with the Ministry of Health for example)
  • attaining equivalent certificates to the satisfaction of the National Qualifications Authority and/or the Certificate Equivalency Department


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