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Attestation Tips

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Attestation Guide

Attestation Guide for HR Professionals in the UAE

  Attestation Guide for HR Professionals Introduction As the Human Resources Department in your organisation, when bringing new employees on board, you will need to ensure a smooth induction for your new employees and the management team within your organisation alike. Expat Docs can assist you with part of the employee induction process, and has [...]

Attestation Tips

What should I ask my Public Relations Officer (PRO)?

A:¬†As requirements can vary depending on your individual situation, we recommend that you ask your PRO the following questions: If you have multiple degrees (such as a Bachelors and Masters), you may want to ask if it’s required to attest both of your degrees. Find out if you will need to present the original copy [...]

Attestation Tips

Q: What is the difference between attestation, legalisation and apostille?

A: Attestation is defined as the act of authenticating a document by observing its execution at the request of the party signing the document, and then signing it as a witness. Sometimes attestation is referred to as legalisation. Embassy legalisation is the method of attestation required for the purposes of the UAE Ministry of Labour’s [...]