Special Cases – we can help

There are endless scenarios involved in documents requiring attestation. Our customers often have documents that fall into the following “special cases”:

1) For our British customers, where the document has been partially attested, for instance, the document has already been legalised at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK, but hasn’t been attested at the UAE Embassy in London – Expat Docs offers a special discount for this particular scenario, so please contact us at support@expatdocs.com for details.

2) Expat Docs has many European customers who contact us regarding attestation in their home countries. Whenever possible, we research the requirements and put together a quotation with timeline and costs.

3) For those with university degrees from the US, we wish to point out that the degree must be issued in the US by an institution accredited by one of the Recognized Accrediting Organizations that are listed here: http://www.chea.org/pdf/CHEA_USDE_AllAccred.pdf Please note that the UAE Embassy in the US does not recognise (nor attest) degrees that were taken by distance education or online learning programs.

Please note that if you have any doubts about the process involved for a particular document, the best way forward is to email us the document. We promise to look into it for you immediately.



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