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Partnering with Corporate Human Resources and PRO Departments

Expat Docs can provide guidance to your new joiners in more than one way:

1) We can develop bespoke information to be included in your new joiner package to guide new employees through the document attestation process. This can be tailored to reflect exactly how you company interacts with new employees – for instance, some companies ask that future employees provide attested documents to the company prior to joining, whereas other companies gladly undertake this task for the employee.

2) The information provided can cover multiple document types such as: university degrees, marriage certificates, and birth certificates, but is not limited to only this list. Please let us know your company’s unique requirements and we can incorporate those requirements into the document on your behalf.

3) Documentation can be cobranded to represent your company’s partnership with Expat Docs

4) Our UAE specific Document Attestation Guide for HR Professionals is available for your background reading

5) Of course, if you wish, you can put new joiners in direct contact with us via phone (03-311-6749) or email (

Contact us now to develop a plan with Expat Docs specifically for your employees. We are more than happy to partner with you.



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