Police Clearance Sometimes Required

Employers in the UAE will ask you for a set of documentation in order to begin processing your new employment contract and the required Ministry of Labour contract and residency visa. This can include:

- attested university degree (level of attestation to be clarified by your PRO)

- attested marriage certificate

- attest birth certificates for your children

- original passport

- passport photos

- old/expired Labour Card (if appliable)

In addition, some employers may ask for UAEĀ Police Clearance.


  1. Gabriel says:

    I need to get Work Visa for Saudi Arabia for a Medical Institute. Have Job Offer and Visa approval paeprs from them. I did my graduation in Bangalore and got my Passport made in bangalore itself. Then I did my post graduation in Pune.My permanent address is of Haryana and am resident of same.I got my degree attested from HRD in bangalore and is in process in Mumbai for Post Graduation degree.Can you please tell me if I need to get the PCC both from Bangalore and Mumbai, and also Delhi. Or if I get it from Chandigarh, that would be sufficient.In any case, what will be the procedure and time required to get all paeprs ready for Visa process to start and if you can help in getting this process done.

    • Hello Gabriel,

      Thanks for your comment. At this time Expat Docs does not perform attestations in India or Bangladesh. There are companies in the UAE that do these attestations, so I recommend you contact the experts in attestation work in India.

      Thanks and kind regards,

      Expat Docs Support Team


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