Why does it take so long to get a document attested?

In most cases, documents must go through at least three steps prior to coming back to the UAE as “attested” as follows:

1) Certification / notarisation by a local solicitor or Notary Public in the relevant country.

2) Authentication / legalisation by the relevant countries Department of Foreign Affairs / Foreign Office

3) Attestation at the UAE Embassy in the relevant country

Expat Docs specialises in understanding exactly what is required in different countries for different types of documents / certificates / degrees etc. so that you don’t need to worry.

So, back to the question – why does it take so long?

Expat Docs takes the approach that we would rather under promise and over deliver to ensure that you can plan properly for the timing of when your document will arrive back in the UAE for your further use.

There are a couple of factors that we find add up, making the timeline longer than you might expect. First of all, sending the original document by courier service – we use FedEx because they provide us with the most security and quickest timelines – is inevitably time consuming. Also government offices can be unpredictable when it comes to following timelines, but Expat Docs has an understanding of what to expect, and we plan accordingly. We have on the ground teams in each country where we offer services: US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We know when the busy times of year are, and always work to expedite your document attestation wherever possible – especially when you select Express Service.

To find out how it works, visit Expat Docs to study the process and place an order with us.

We are the document attestation specialists. We also want to stress that your document is always secure with us, and we will update you as an when required regarding the progress of your document through the attestation process. We are here to help!




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