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Special Cases – we can help

There are endless scenarios involved in documents requiring attestation. Our customers often have documents that fall into the following “special cases”: 1) For our British customers, where the document has been partially attested, for instance, the document has already been legalised at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK, but hasn’t been attested at [...]

Police Clearance Sometimes Required

Employers in the UAE will ask you for a set of documentation in order to begin processing your new employment contract and the required Ministry of Labour contract and residency visa. This can include: – attested university degree (level of attestation to be clarified by your PRO) – attested marriage certificate – attest birth certificates [...]

Why does it take so long to get a document attested?

In most cases, documents must go through at least three steps prior to coming back to the UAE as “attested” as follows: 1) Certification / notarisation by a local solicitor or Notary Public in the relevant country. 2) Authentication / legalisation by the relevant countries Department of Foreign Affairs / Foreign Office 3) Attestation at [...]

What should I ask my Public Relations Officer (PRO)?

A: As requirements can vary depending on your individual situation, we recommend that you ask your PRO the following questions: If you have multiple degrees (such as a Bachelors and Masters), you may want to ask if it’s required to attest both of your degrees. Find out if you will need to present the original copy [...]

Q: What is the difference between attestation, legalisation and apostille?

A: Attestation is defined as the act of authenticating a document by observing its execution at the request of the party signing the document, and then signing it as a witness. Sometimes attestation is referred to as legalisation. Embassy legalisation is the method of attestation required for the purposes of the UAE Ministry of Labour’s [...]

UAE based document handling service

Expat Docs is a UAE based document handling service specialising in university and college degree and diploma attestation. Our services are provided to those with university degrees from the UK, US, Canada and Australia for the purposes of UAE employment visas.