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Special Cases – we can help

There are endless scenarios involved in documents requiring attestation. Our customers often have documents that fall into the following “special cases”: 1) For our British customers, where the document has been partially attested, for instance, the document has already been legalised at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK, but hasn’t been attested at [...]

Attestation Guide for HR Professionals in the UAE

  Attestation Guide for HR Professionals Introduction As the Human Resources Department in your organisation, when bringing new employees on board, you will need to ensure a smooth induction for your new employees and the management team within your organisation alike. Expat Docs can assist you with part of the employee induction process, and has [...]

Steps involved in Degree Attestation with Expat Docs

1) Complete and sign application form. 2) Drop off or mail original document . 3) We take care of the rest. It’s really as straightforward and simple as that!