Attestation Guide for HR Professionals in the UAE

  Attestation Guide for HR Professionals Introduction As the Human Resources Department in your organisation, when bringing new employees on board, you will need to ensure a smooth induction for your new employees and the management team within your organisation alike. Expat Docs can assist you with part of the employee induction process, and has [...]

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A Note from Expat Docs – Document Verification

Expat Docs offers a free service to all of our customers – document verification. You can send use your document, free of charge, to and we will verify that the relevant government agencies will accept the document for the purposes of attestation for use in the UAE. This can all be done over email, [...]

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Attestation Tips

Why does it take so long to get a document attested?

In most cases, documents must go through at least three steps prior to coming back to the UAE as “attested” as follows: 1) Certification / notarisation by a local solicitor or Notary Public in the relevant country. 2) Authentication / legalisation by the relevant countries Department of Foreign Affairs / Foreign Office 3) Attestation at [...]